FOLD of the week #326
Circular Tulip Fold Wrap

From our friends at Suttle-Straus in Waunakee, Wisconsin, comes a really clever new hybrid format that they created for their 2015 holiday greeting. The piece takes on a square format when folded, but once you open it, all sorts of surprises happen. The initial opening is a tulip format, which is always a treat. However, they added a fun die cut of people holding hands, and with two more folds to open, the reveal is a circle of friends that resembles a snowflake! The addition of the two extra folds allows for a wrap environment that can hold an insert. The insert invites the recipient to choose from four charities that Suttle-Straus will donate to as an expression of gratitude for their business and friendship throughout the past year. This lovely, 2-color holiday card enjoyed an impressive response rate, too!