Political Campaign Marketing

Political Campaign Printing & Marketing

Many local and state positions are up for grabs in 2024. Are you running for office? Supporting a candidate or promoting a political cause? Look no further than Mitchell Graphics for all of your political campaign materials. Political campaigns typically consist of video ads, radio ads, billboards, direct mailers and of course, political promotional products.

We know that a successful political campaign starts with high quality marketing materials. Our products help you reach current and potential voters and help you stand out against the competition.

Choose from several affordable products like yard signs, door hangers, direct mailers, flyers, rack cards, posters, business cards, and so more. We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service to back all our products. Our team of professionals is ready to get you started! Contact us today to discuss what products are right for your campaign.


Popular Products

Yard Signs

Yard signs are the most popular and useful printed piece for political campaigns. With their high visibility and durability, they have become increasingly popular. 

Direct Mail

Reach voters directly with compelling political postcards—crafted to deliver your message effectively and leave a lasting impression. 

Door Hangers

Door hangers are affordable, efficient, and easy to distribute, leaving a lasting and memorable impact on residents.


Target every door in targeted neighborhoods with Every Door Direct Mail. This marketing tool ensures high visibility among potential voters within a constituency. 


Elevate your campaign’s professional image with customized stationery. Custom letterhead, envelopes, and business cards will impress your audience, and reinforce your message. 

Rack Cards & Brochures

These marketing tools are well-suited for display rack stands in in high-traffic areas such as community centers, libraries, or local businesses. They’re practical and efficient ways to distribute detailed campaign information in public settings.

Merch & Give Aways

Branded merchandise is great to give out at parades, community events, or door-to-door canvassing. Enhance your visibility, engage supporters, and encourage participation! 


Have your constituents show their support and spread your message on the go with full color stickers.


Make a statement with an over-sized banner, designed to command attention and amplify your campaign message.

Political Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to get your campaign messaging directly into the hands of voters when you can’t meet and talk with them in person. Direct mail offers precise targeting capabilities, enabling campaigns to tailor messages to specific demographics within communities—whether it’s concerned residents, community leaders, or your stakeholders. Customizing mail pieces like postcards or letters with inserts allows campaigns to address relevant topics, such as community engagement, campaign initiatives, or candidate platforms.
Personalization is another compelling benefit of direct mail for political campaigns. By incorporating personalized elements like recipient names or references to local challenges, campaigns can establish a more intimate connection with voters. This personalized approach enhances credibility and trust. The physical nature of direct mail ensures heightened visibility and memorability compared to digital outreach, making it a great choice for leaving a lasting impression.

Graphic Design Services

Looking for branding solutions for your upcoming political campaign? Mitchell Graphics offers comprehensive graphic design services tailored specifically for political campaigns. Building a strong and unique brand for your campaign is crucial to establishing trust among voters and increasing recognition of your name and message. Let us help you craft a compelling visual identity that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from the competition. Contact us today to begin shaping a powerful and memorable brand for your your political campaign!


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