blog 2 picAre you a risk-taker? If so, how much of a risk are you willing to take? As a marketer, you always have to consider how much risk your customers and potential customers will be willing to take, and you have to remember that buying something you’ve never bought before, especially from someone you’ve never done business with before, does involve some risk.

We wrote recently about the role a guarantee can play in minimizing risk. The subject today is the role testimonials can play. The words of a satisfied customer can go a long way toward convincing others that they will also be satisfied!

The first issue is collecting testimonials, and it’s really a simple process. Follow up with your customers, after the sale, to make sure that they’re satisfied. And if they are, write down their comments and ask them if you can use them in your marketing. Then, find ways to get those testimonials in front of other potential customers. Direct mail is a great medium for doing that. So is e-mail marketing. So is posting the comments on your website or Facebook page.

Think of it this way, who are you more likely to believe, a salesperson making promises or someone who decided independently to believe those promises and now is willing to tell you how it all worked out?