picDo you guarantee your product or service? Of course you do! If a customer is not satisfied, you’ll do something about it, right?

Let’s think about how that can work for you on the “front end” of the sale. As we’ve written, it’s been proven over and over again in the marketplace that buyers love a deal. But it’s also true than not everyone is looking for a deal. Some people will happily pay full price, as long as they get what they pay for. It’s not saving money that drives their decision, it’s taking less risk!

The point of all of this is that a guarantee is a risk-remover. Basically, it insures that anyone who buys from you will get what they pay for, even if something is wrong with the initial delivery of the product or service.

We think it makes an awful lot of sense to put your guarantee in writing, and to stress it in your marketing. The less risk, the more likely it is that they’ll give you a try!