Production time and finish quality of your commercial and postcard print projects depend upon the translation of digital files once they are submitted to your print service provider. So why leave anything to chance? Eliminate unnecessary variables that can cause delay and add dollars to the final invoice; supply a print-ready PDF.

Most print files are still passed on to print shops in the form of native layout and graphics applications such as InDesign, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Publisher, etc. These files can have various problems such as missing fonts or graphics, incompatible software versions or large file sizes that are difficult to submit. When created and submitted correctly, PDF files eliminate these issues and everyone benefits.

Portable Document Format (PDF) provides a means to easily and effectively deliver information of any type to others regardless of system platform, application or media. PDF files produce reliable, consistent and predictable results by eliminating delays from missing components or unstable files.

There are many benefits to the PDF file format, but there are 4 key reasons it should always be your default for print submission:

          Complete – A PDF contains all the fonts, graphics, and page layout information necessary to display or print your file exactly as it was designed.

          Compact – PDF supports a variety of compression methods to create a smaller file for easier transmission and faster printing while retaining image quality.

          Portable – Adobe PDF format is platform and device independent. PDF files can be viewed, shared, or output from nearly any computer without the need for purchased specialty software.

          Print-on-Demand – PDF files allow for the use of Print-on-Demand web services. Files can be uploaded and submitted for print at any time and from anywhere.

Creating a print-ready PDF file requires setting up your output parameters properly…with the end user in mind. To simplify the process of creating a PDF intended for commercial printing, Mitchell Graphics offers step-by-step instructions and downloadable presets for three preferred native layout applications: InDesign, QuarkXPress and Adobe Acrobat Distiller. Using these presets will save you time, money and the frustration of file conversion errors and delays.

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