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Are you in the hospitality and tourism industry and looking to elevate your brand? Mitchell Graphics specializes in creating stunning and effective print products that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and customers.

Brochures & Rack Cards

Showcase your services, amenities, and attractions in beautifully designed brochures that visitors can take with them. Brochures and rack cards are perfect for promoting local attractions, restaurants, and events. When your customers can hold, flip through, and touch your printed piece, they feel a connection to the content. Here you can include in-depth explanations, specifications, and benefits that might be overlooked in digital marketing.
Brochures and rack cards can come in various formats and sizes. From tri-fold to bi-fold, from general information to product-specific, we can tailor the format and design to fit your needs.

Restuarant Menus

A menu is so much more than a list of food and drink offerings – Your restaurant’s menu design should reflect everything you have to offer! Our design team is dedicated to creating stunning and legible restaurant menus that leave a lasting impression. Remember, it’s important to consider other paper options with your restaurant menus. When considering upgrading from regular paper for your dining menu, it’s essential to choose a material that aligns with your brand, enhances the dining experience, and offers durability. We offer materials that can withstand spills, moisture, and frequent handling. Beyond specialty papers, we can also provide laminating and die cutting services. These custom finishes can elevate your menu’s looks, reinforce your brand identity, and enhance the overall dining experience! 

Delivery to MDOT Across the State

Understanding Michigan’s Department of Transportation’s Literature Policies can be a bit overwhelming; but not for us! We will make sure your printed product meets MDOT’s brochure/card criteria, and will ship your product right to their distribution warehouses. We have shipping arragements with MDOT to make our customers’ lives a whole lot easier. For timely distribution of seasonal information, your artwork should be approved and printed about 70 days prior to your targeted season. We can then supply your product to the proper distribution warehouses at least 60 days in advance for all Michigan travelers to see!

Custom Stationery

We understand that the smallest details can leave the biggest impressions. Make your brand unforgettable with stationery that speaks volumes about who you really are. Common stationery products we provide to hospitality and tourism businesses would include custom notepads, letterhead, notecards, envelopes, seasonal greeting cards, maps, stickers, pens, door hangers, keycard holders, robe tags, luggage tags, and guest service directories. These products can all be customized to incorporate your logo, brand colors, and unique design elements. Enhance your guests’ experience by leaving them with beautifully crafted stationery that they will want to take home as a keepsake!

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We build custom solutions for every client. See some of our work, and contact us for your customized quotes. From designing and printing to wide-format, merchandising and beyond, we're the "more" you've been looking for.