Let’s start out today by agreeing that your goal is to sell something. It may be a product. (Pizza. Life Insurance. An evening of great music.) It may be a service. (Lawn Care. Dentistry. Wealth Management.) It may be an idea. (Please send us some of your hard-earned money so that we can use it to solve a problem or cure a disease or attain some other goal or purpose.) No matter what it is you’re trying to sell, it’s important to ask yourself what drives the buying decision.

Obviously, there’s no single factor that drives everyone, but there is evidence to suggest that one factor is more important than all of the others, and it’s not one of the “big three” that are mentioned so often: quality, service and price. More important, it seems, is the question of whether the buyer trusts the seller to do what the seller promises to do.

Think about that. Think about how many promises you make in your marketing and advertising. Now think about this, how much more believable can you make those promises? What evidence can you provide to support the idea that they can trust you to deliver on your promises?

We bet you’ve noticed when you’re on the buying side of the equation that there’s often a gap between “sayin’ it” and “backin’ it up.” When you add evidence to support the promises, you’ll probably get better results in selling whatever it is you’re trying to sell!