When and why you should use Mitchell’s direct mail services:

UnderstandingBasicTypesofBulkMailUsually if you are going to mail 1,000 or more pieces, it is worth the investment to hire a direct mail house like Mitchell Graphics to sort and process your direct mail for you. If you go on your own you will need to get a mailing permit, buy mailing labels and stick the labels on your piece.

Understanding the basic types of bulk mail postal discounts:

Standard Presort

Standard presort letter rate will average between 27 – 32 cents per letter or postcard. Your postal rate mostly depends on the number of zip codes you are mailing and the number of zip codes you mail to. The piece will need to have a standard mailing indicia and be bar coded. The standard delivery time is 7 to 12 business days. You will also get no returns of undeliverable postcards. The minimum number of pieces the post office requires is 200.

First Class Presort

First Class Presort postage will average between 39 to 44 cents per piece. The delivery time is 5 to 7 business days. Once again, the amount of postage depends on the number of zip codes mailed to and the number of pieces mailed to each zip code. With first class presort you will get returns of the undeliverables.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

EDDM, as it is called, will give you the cheapest postage rates. Postage will run 18.3 cents per card. You also do not need a mailing list with EDDM. Read the related article on EDDM for the pros and cons of this type of mailing.

There are other types of discounts, but the above three are the most common for most small business marketing.

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