2022 USPS Rates

So how much is a stamp? What changes can I expect for other postage rates? Mitchell Graphics has the answers. The new changes coming to the US postal rates starting July 10, 2022. Your direct mail and personal mail will be affected.

Size Descriptions

Post Card: 3.5 x 5 up to 4.25 x 6
Letter: (3.5oz max) – 3.5 x 5 up to 6.125 x 11.5
Booklet/FSM (no staples): (3oz max) -3.5 x 5 up to 6 x 10.5 (min thickness of .009″)
Flat: 6.125 x 11.5 up to 12 x 15 (or be over .25″ thick)
EDDM: Exceeds at least 1 letter dimension (>6.125 or >10.5)

*Polybag/Clear Bag = NonMachineable Rates*

First Class

Stamp: $0.60 (1oz)
Additional Once: +$0.24 (up to 3.5oz)
Non-Machineable Surcharge: $0.39

Post Card: $0.60

Flat: $1.20
Additional ounce: $0.24 (up to 13oz)

Metered: $0.57
Additional ounce: $0.24 (up to 3.5oz)

Presorted Letter: $0.455 to $0.515
Non-Machineable $0.493 to $0.794

Presorted Postcard: $0.33 to $0.359 (up to 6″x9″)

Presorted Flat: $0.555 to $1.08 (1oz)
Additional ounce: $0.24 (up to 13oz)

Retail (Customer Drop): $0.187
DDU (ship): $0.182

International Stamp: $1.40

USPS Marketing Mail Up to 3.5 oz Letter/4oz Flat (Automation Rates)

Over 4oz subject to a per piece & per pound pricing

Letter/FSM/Booklet: $0.296 to $0.349

Flat: $0.53 to $0.881

Non-Profit (up to 3.5oz letter/4oz flat)

Over 4oz subject to a per piece & per pound pricing

Letter/FSM/Booklet: $0.154 to $0.207

Flat: $0.324 to $0.675

Save and Work Smarter

Mitchell Graphics can do it all for you. Check out our postcard pricing, and take a look at our variable data printing which allows you to customize and personalize the mailing. Our print on demand capability ensures you don’t have to keep products on hand, but if you want a large run we can help with storage and order fulfillment too.

As always, presorting and metering your postage will give you the best value. For the occasional mailing, a postage meter or printable postage solution will help but when it comes to quantity, trust Mitchell Graphics to save you hassle and money.

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