Website Design and Development

At Mitchell Graphics we build websites on the WordPress platform for quick but detailed build time. This allows us to pack in a lot of features while providing a quality website. The best part is our clients can easily make quick changes all on their own.


  • In the simplest form a website should offer visitors contact information, a business story, product and service offerings, and great branding. A complex website could offer reservation forms, interactive graphics, in-depth product and service descriptions, large photo and video galleries, e-commerce and even email addresses.
  • We will work with you to make the process as hands off as you would like and as customized as you can imagine. Our team works hard to take your input and turn it into a work of art while providing the most function possible.
  • Our goal is to create you a website and a suite of services that allow you to stay hands off for years to come. We love to get into the fine details of web and server coding while keeping the front-end polished for you and your customers.
  • We want to provide you with the tools to succeed in growing your brand awareness while gaining business through functional features.

Website Solutions

While every company has different goods, services and website needs here are a few ideas of what scale your ideal website might fall into.


  • Four pages
  • One year of hosting
  • Photo and video galleries
  • One simple contact form
  • Basic SSL Certificate
  • Mobile Responsive Design

Standard WEBSITE

  • Simple and small websites features plus:
  • From 5 to 12 pages
  • Fully customized website design
  • One year paid WordPress Plug-ins
  • Blog(s)
  • Image and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


  • Standard website plus:
  • Starting at 12 pages
  • Fully customized package
  • Advanced Premium SSL Certificate
  • Branded Email Addresses
  • E-commerce Integration

Bay Harbor Church

Industrial Arts Institute


Mackinaw Shuttle


TIP: These are all the things that a designer will need to get started on a project. Providing these elements upfront can speed up the time spent by the designer but if you don’t have everything we are happy to help build your brand.

  • No branding has been established for business
  • Stock art is needed
  • Custom art elements needs to be created
  • Copywriting or messaging need to be done
  • Typesetting the copy if not provided in a digital format
  • Color correcting for photo accuracy
  • Creation of custom infographics

More By Mitchell

DIRECT MAIL MARKETING - Direct mail marketing allows for targeted communication with an intended audience using print. Popular products include postcards, letters, catalogs and more. Mitchell Graphics offers complete, in-house direct mail marketing services.

PRINT ON DEMAND - Print on demand is the ability to print static files on an as needed basis, often in small quantities, on a digital press. Print on demand often allows for quicker turnaround and reduced waste compared to a conventional printing process.

COLLEGE PRINTING - Mitchell Graphics has 40 years of experience helping colleges communicate with students. Our unique model enables everyone to focus on what they do best. Your college benefits from free consultation and complete project management. Put our college and university expertise to work for you!


We build custom solutions for every client. See some of our work, and contact us for your customized quotes. From designing and printing to wide-format, merchandising and beyond, we're the "more" you've been looking for.