purl.jpgYou’ve heard of them. You’ve seen them. But do you actually understand what PURLs can do for your business or organization?

PURL stands for “Personalized Unique Resource Locator.” They can be as simple as an extension of your existing web address, e.g., customersname.yourcompanyname.com. Or, they can be as sophisticated as your program name or campaign title, e.g., customersname.promotionname.com. It’s up to you.

In simple terms, a PURL is a personalized website (URL) address linked to a landing page that is customized visually as well as textually for the person visiting the page. This customization can include items that may be of particular interest to the person, variable value coupons based on the person’s previous purchases, or even location specific items that may be of interest to them.

PURLs are usually used along with direct mail pieces to further increase results of campaigns as well as direct visitors to specific website pages that are personalized based on the person’s information in your database — presumably collected with their knowledge and/or permission — including contact information as well as their buying and/or visiting habits. PURLs can also be used as hyperlinks in email campaigns and as web addresses linked to personalized QR Codes. When the direct mail recipient logs onto/connects to the PURL, the information from your database is used to tailor the web page to that person. This can include populating the billing and shipping information of the visitor, filling line entries on an order form based on a customer’s previous purchasing habits, personalizing a presentation to a person based on their previously noted preferences which can include everything from product preferences to cultural, educational and/or departmental information.

The beauty of it is that once the individual logs in, the website can track the respondent’s activity and continue to tailor the information being presented based on their behavior as well as collect information that can be used to custom craft future print and internet communications. What’s more, PURLs can track and capture information that can be used to help you understand your clients as well as determine the value of your marketing money being spent and what is being effective or ineffective in providing results.

By combining both media — direct mail and the internet — marketers can take advantage of the personalization, comfort, tangible appeal, and quality of commercial Variable Data Printing (VDP), and the immediacy, tracking, analytics, and instant response of the Internet. All the while, simplifying the contact process for your potential customers. That’s what makes a PURL so powerful. It’s just so simple, and simple works. As we all know, the simpler the process — be it through personal or professional experience — the higher the response and rate of return.

A PURL is the ultimate targeted marketing tool — a web page about you or your business, designed to cater to each individual visitor’s interests, preferences and/or buying patterns.

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