We like coupons a lot! That’s what we said in our last Marketing post. And it’s true…for the most part.

There is one thing we don’t like about coupons, and that’s how they can turn into monsters by becoming the norm rather than the exception. Pizza provides a good example. Many pizza restaurants, especially the chain restaurants, make their coupons so available that it’s rare than anyone orders a pizza from them without using one. Essentially, the “special” price becomes the “regular” price.

That’s OK if you’re really willing to sell every pizza at those prices, but it’s not OK if the goal was to use special pricing as an incentive to get new customers to give you a try. In theory, they’ll be happy to pay full price once they “taste” your product or service, whatever it may be.

Here’s a special offer for you, and you don’t need a coupon to take advantage of it. Tell us what your marketing goals are, and we’ll apply this kind of expertise to help you to achieve them.