Mail List Help and Mailing Guidelines

We mail millions of mail pieces every year for hundreds of customers in all 50 states. Mitchell Graphics is your one source for complete mailing services including List Processing, Postal Automation, Fulfillment, Market Research and Consultation. Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions regarding mail lists and mailing guidelines.

Mail List Preparation

Renting a Mail List

We work with a number of list providers and can assist you in obtaining mailing lists. It is important that you have a clear picture of who you wish to mail to. Your Account Manager can assist you in developing a strategy to identify your best prospects. We can compare your customer database to the rented list and remove any duplicates. This is called running a suppression file against your mailing list. Mail List Processing

CASS – The Coding Accuracy Support System examines each address in your mailing list for proper formatting to standardize spelling, abbreviations, addresses and adds +4 Zip to improve the accuracy of your mailing. All Mitchell Graphics mailings are CASS certified. We are able to supply you with the “non-CASS” addresses so you can update your mailing list.

NCOA – The National Change of Address service is required every 90 days. NCOA matches addresses in your list with change of address notifications in the USPS database. This ensures your mail is sent to the most recent address on file for the recipient. We can email the “move updates” to you so you can update your database.

Designing for Direct Mail

The Postal Clear Zone

When designing a piece for direct mail, there are certain areas within the mailing panel that need to be kept clear of any content. This will help minimize your postage and avoid delays in processing your mailing project. We have the postal clear zone available for download on our file templates page.

Mailing Guidelines and Discounted Rates

First Class and Standard A Mail Delivery

First Class mail is treated differently than Standard A mail (the old Bulk Rate mail). First Class is usually delivered in 3-5 business days and will be returned to you at no charge if undeliverable. Standard A mail can take up to 2-3 weeks to reach the recipient and will be discarded with no notification if undeliverable. Notification of a Bad Address on Standard A Mail The USPS has a number of Ancillary Service Endorsements that can be printed on your mail piece to determine how undeliverable mail is treated. Contact your Account Manager to discuss your needs.


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