Creating Print Ready PDF’s for Professional Printing

Adobe InDesign

Getting Started

1. Download our PDF preset files here.
2. Launch Adobe InDesign if it isn’t already running.
3. Go to File > Adobe PDF Presets > Define
4. Click Load.
5. Navigate to the MitchellAdobe.joboptions file(s) you downloaded in step 1.
6. Click Done.

Exporting PDF’s from InDesign

1. Open the InDesign document you’d like to export.
2. Ensure your file meets our File Production Tips.
3. Go to File > Export
4. Choose a name and location for your PDF.
5. Navigate to the the MitchellAdobe or MitchellAdobe_Book file you downloaded in step 1.
6. Choose the Adobe PDF (print) format if applicable.
7. Click Save.
8. In the Adobe PDF Preset, select MitchellAdobe or MitchellAdobe_Book.
9. Click Export.