Direct Mail Personalization

Direct mail personalization is the ability to include personal information on a printed product. Starting off a letter with the salutation “Dear First Name,” is a common way of using this personalization tool. However, you have the choice to include statistics such as previous years’ donation amounts, membership expiration dates, or even number of children in the recipients’ household.

Mitchell Graphics offers personalization services on postcards, note cards, letters, envelopes and more. Your possibilities are endless with a solid a mailing list. If your mail list contains data such as a first name, birth date, etc., that data field can be assigned to a specific area within a print file. The file is then output using digital or inkjet press technology, resulting in each piece being uniquely personalized to the intended recipient.

Multi-Piece Match Mailings

Match mail is an automated process that examines the content of printed materials to ensure all of your pieces are matched together. Mitchell Graphics has the capabilities to match several pieces together per mailing. We know mail accuracy is essential; especially when it comes to personalized information. We can promise your variable mail will be accurately assembled every time.
With our decades of experience and advanced machinery, we can promptly identify any discrepancies, and keep your jobs on schedule and perfectly assembled. These personalized mail packages are designed to engage, motivate, captivate, or stimulate your targeted audience. Always be sure to let us know about any insertion preferences you may have!

Industries That Benefit from Match Mailings

  • Nonprofit Organizations: Sending personalized donation information, project updates, and information about the impact of their support will increase future donations.
  • Healthcare: Sending appointment reminders, and targeted wellness information means patients are getting quality, customized care.
  • Financial Services: It’s helpful to provide account information and unique promotional offers based on the customer’s financial profile. Mail is the more secure way to reach customers directly without the risks associated with electronic communication.
  • Event Management: Sending personalized invitations and event details based on the attendee’s preferences and past participation provides a more meaningful connection with your audience.


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