File Production Tips

The specifications below are meant to be used when creating your print files prior to sending them to Mitchell Graphics. Regardless of the program(s) used, these specifications are recommended to ensure your project is produced as efficiently as possible. If you have any questions refer to the help center on our website or contact your Customer Service Representative.


Click here for our ready-made document templates built for popular print products.
Click here to download our Adobe InDesign PDF export settings.

Document Settings

Page size should match the finished trim size. If your project folds it requires specific panel sizes. View our Folding Product Templates for details.

  • Elements that bleed should extend .125” outside the finished trim size.
  • Elements that do not bleed should be .1875” inside the finished trim size.

Images & Graphics

Include a copy of all linked images and graphics. All images and graphics should also meet the following requirements.

  • Color and grayscale images should be 300 dpi at their intended print size.
  • Bitmap graphics and line art should be 1200 dpi at their intended print size.
  • Color images and graphics should be converted to the CMYK color space.


Include a copy of all fonts used in your document and those used in any supporting graphics. (Please note: PostScript fonts stopped being supported in InDesign in 2023.)

Hardcopy & PDF’s

Please include an updated hardcopy or PDF proof with your working files. These are referenced during the preflighting process to verify the content of your file.

Preferred Applications

InDesign is the industry leader when it comes to page layout and design for print. In addition to its unrivaled capabilities, it also produces the most dependable results. When using any other application for print projects, we recommend your files be preflighted by our creative department.

Preferred Supporting Applications

These are also industry leaders in print but play a supporting role. Files produced from these programs are placed into the page layout programs like the ones above. In general, Photoshop is used for photo work (raster images) and Illustrator is used for graphic work (vector images).

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

A Note About Other Applications:
We tend to warn users of the following programs due to the inconsistent behaviors that occur. In general, these programs require more time in prepress which results in additional cost.

  • Microsoft Publisher (PC only)
  • CorelDRAW (PC only)
  • Freehand (discontinued in 2007)
  • PageMaker (discontinued in 2004)

File Transfer

We accept files via email, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, OneDrive, Hightail, or of course through our website. Email transfers should be limited to 10mb in size. Zip all files into a single compressed file before sending for optimum results.