Online Proofing with Mitchell Graphics

At Mitchell Graphics, we understand the significance of the proof approval process, ensuring the precision of your print orders. Our commitment to delivering excellence led us to create a seamless online proofing system! This innovative tool allows you to review high-resolution files and provide feedback directly on the proof, making sure the final product aligns perfectly with your expectations. We’re thrilled to introduce this user-friendly system and invite you to take advantage of its capabilities. Feel free to reach out to us at any time for a detailed discussion about how this tool can enhance your printing experience.

Carefully Review Your Proof

Attention to detail is key when checking your proof. Be sure to check for spelling errors, image usage, alignment, margins, logos, boxes and borders.

Note: The PDF shown on our proofing website is just a preview; if you have concerns about the quality of an image, we recommend downloading the PDF to your computer using the cloud icon in the top right corner.

If you have any concerns with your file, be sure to let your Project Coordinator know. We will get you in contact with our creative department to get problems solved and questions answered!

Approve or Reject Your Proof

  1. Approve. Approving your proof gets your job into our production schedule right away. This decision is final. Mitchell Graphics is not liable for any mistakes on approved artwork.
  2. Reject – New Artwork. I, the customer, will submit new files to Mitchell Graphics to review. 
  3. Reject – Changes. I have added comments and would like Mitchell Graphics to make changes to the artwork. We will send a new proof as soon as we can. 



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How do I share my proof with my team?

You have two options:

  1. Before clicking “Approve” or “Reject”, forward the email you received off to your team members. They will be able to view this same proof online.

  2. Use the download icon in the top right and share the PDF with your team. 

NOTE: Any decision made on a proof is final, so please let your team know who is responsible for approving or denying the proof online.

Can I open this as a regular PDF?

Absolutely! In the upper right hand corner of the website you will see a cloud download icon. This will download the high res PDF to your computer. 

Are there any tools to help me review the proof?

Yes! Our custom proofing website comes with a handful of basic tools to help you navigate your proof. However, these tools are only available on a desktop view. If you’re viewing your proof on a mobile device, the tools are not available.

Zoom: In the top navigation bar you will see a percentage. This drop down can be changed to zoom in or out of the proof.

View Settings: In the top navigation bar, under “View” you will find many features that can be toggled on or off, including guides, rulers, spread view, and more.

Document Settings: Important document specs can be found under “Document” and “Format” in the top right of the website. Within the side bar of “Format”, you will see “Page Size”.

Comments: If your proof email mentions notes from our creative department, those comments can be viewed right on our online proofing website. On the lefthand panel, click the comment speech bubble. Here you will see notes from our designers about low resolution images, or other layout concerns. Clicking on the comment brings you right to the page it relates to. Note: You can make comments as well! Click the matching comment button on the top tool bar to start making edits.

How do I request changes?

We recommend using the comments tool to add comments to areas that require changes. This tool is extremely helpful for our team to quickly see where and what needs to be changed. 

To add your edits, click on the comments icon in the black tool bar across the top of the page. Then click on the proof where you would like to leave a comment. 

Your comments can be view in the sidebar on the left. 

What happens after I click "Approve"?

When we receive your approval on a proof, your project coordinator will make sure we have paper in stock, delivery details finalized, and any other loose end tied up. Then, your job will be scheduled for production!

When will I know when my job is complete?

Once our production team completes your project, they will send you an email. This email will include the following if applicable: 

  • UPS tracking number(s)
  • In person pick up instructions
  • Mailing Soon Notification 
  • Fulfillment Instructions
  • Local Delivery Notification 
What if I have changes after I clicked "Approve"?

Call us immediately! (231.347.4635)

If you need any changes after your proof was approved, please contact us as soon as possible. If production of your job has already started, you may be subject to material and labor costs.