In a digital world, print stands out. Digital communication cannot compete with the physical advantages of print. The amount of digital content we see on a daily basis has been multiplying over the past several years, and consumers are desperately trying to keep up with all of the information that’s constantly being thrown around. We’re always on our phones, laptops, watches, etc., trying to digest what we can of the constant flow of information coming our way. Business owners are aware of the digital opportunities out there, trying to reach their potential customers as quickly and easily as possible. Meanwhile, consumers continue to multitask, briefly scanning the massive amounts of data they receive. Consequently, traditional marketing techniques like direct mail and offset printing are left behind. Here are 4 reasons you should take advantage of print to form a better relationship with your audience.

1. Print is easy to navigate.

Digital content is always competing for your limited attention, which can get exhausting. When reading an article, email, or blog post, there are plenty of other messages, alarms, and notifications rolling in, all competing for your constricted screen space. On the other hand, printed pieces provide a mental oasis from the mess of information that overwhelms your devices.

2. Print is credible.

Before the age of fake news, there was print. With all of the pop-ups and banner ads that occur online, the fear of viruses is enough to make consumers avoid clicking altogether. That being said, merging print with digital can be incredibly powerful. Adding QR codes and URLs to your print materials makes digital content more approachable. Studies show that websites that are associated with an admired print publication have a huge advantage over their competitors. 

3. Print is tactile.

Text on a screen is really just a short-lived image, and we see one after the next all day long. The feel, smell, and even sound of the paper in the consumers hand is what validates the information and makes it real. For example, finding an old promotional email or interesting article can be nearly impossible. However, you find yourself hanging onto business cards, take-out menus, personalized advertisements, etc. This is why, if a business already has digital marketing in place, it is important to provide additional printed materials to improve the audience’s experience, understanding, and retention.

4. Print is a novelty.

It is widely known that we are currently living in the digital age, but that doesn’t mean that digital avenues are the best route to reach consumers. Online content and social media are familiar parts of the modern marketing world, but they have lost the sense of newness they once had. When it comes to trusting a brand, people value legitimacy, authenticity, and connection. Physical media, like personalized letters and postcards, make them feel more connected to what they read and see. Marketing cannot depend on the “newness” of social media or the internet to excite the audience the way they once did.

Digital media is accessible and is a great way to reach a wide audience. But, for engaging directly with your audience, print still wins. Ready to get the ball rolling? At Mitchell Graphics, we understand that the best solutions are often a combination of various media including print, digital, and the web. We’d love to partner in your success. Come get to know us and contact an account manager for a custom quote today.